Referral System

Despite the fact that IraQueer is a small new organization, we have managed to develop excellent partnerships and relationships with different groups and individuals who are able to provide assistance in different fields.


If you or someone you know is in need of any of the following services, contact us on:

Safe Houses

Often members of the LGBT+ community facing the risk of being homeless when they are outed, or face different threats. We at IraQueer partner with a local group that is able to provide emergency housing for individuals who face immediate threats.

Mental Health Counselling

Most therapist in Iraq/KurdistanRegion still believe that being LGBT+ is a mental disorder despite the fact that it's been proven by some of the biggest mental health institute in the world that it isn't. This makes it extremely hard and dangerous for members of the LGBT+ community to seek reliable counselling from local therapists. 

IraQueer is in contact with a few local therapists who posses reliable and impartial views, and are able to provide counselling for LGBT+ individuals inside the country.