Capacity Building

Since talking about sexuality in Iraq/KurdistanRegion considered a taboo; it is difficult for people to have access to information and resources that are accurate, easy to understand, and are available in local languages. The local of the proper and accurate terms in local languages makes it very hard to even begin a conversation about issues related to sexuality.

At IraQueer; we give trainings on topics related to sexuality, sex and gender, international human rights law with a focus on Iraq, and many other topics related to human rights of LGBT+ individuals in Iraq/KurdistanRegion. We have worked with several local, regional, and international human rights defenders to develop the right terminologies.

Our training materials have been developed after being trained by some of the world's best human rights activists in the field of human rights and sexual health.


If you are a part of a university, company, journalists, or even an informal group, and have interest in getting training on these issues, contact us on: