Al-Sumariya TV channel is an Iraqi network that presents itself as a network that beliefs that"Iraqi diversity would only lead towards peaceful coexistence and power rotation". But that was nowhere near the truth when they presented a TV show about homosexuality. 

In an interview with a girl, they tried to show that homosexuality is an abomination, and a phenomenon that is threatening the texture of the Iraqi society, and specially the youth. 

This show that violates a number of human rights and promotes violence and hate speech against the LGBTIQ community was shared on a number of social media accounts where most of the commenters enforce and support the hate speech and the violent language towards LGBTIQ individuals. 

Interviewing a young girl whom probably doesn't have a clear understanding of her rights, and what homosexuality means as its indicated in her answers, and mainly because she lives in a country where there are almost zero information about such topics, and human rights concepts are not introduced to the majority of the population is a clear violation of her rights, and a direct promotion of hate speech, and violates the ethics of working in journalism and media. 


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